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We are offering best practice ran by our skilled and certified European consultants.


We test the best products on the market so you don't have to. We have variety of the prodcuts such as LED lamps, smart electricity & water meters.


Transforming our clients’ businesses through smart, engaging, and innovative know-how and technology.


Delivering innovative experiences through combination of business, consultancy and technical insight. In one word, delivering the “electrifying”.

About Awtad Energy

Innovation of energy

Awtad Energy is aligned with national vision and strategy to enhance the utility services as well to develop and improve the efficiency of the power and water distribution network.

We have partnered with other market leaders in order to provide a comprehensive solution that include Power & Water distribution smart solutions, Solar PV system as well street LED lighting technology.



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Our Approach

Awtad Energy offers quality and innovative customized energy solutions based on client requirements. Adding our expertise and knowledge with a blend of smart solutions, expirienced consultants, and strategy, we are fulfilling our clients' most difficult challenges

  • Your Vision

    Share with us your needs, challenges and visions!

  • Our Expertise

    Based on requirements our teams will propose the best solution tailored to your needs.

  • Our Technology

    Our broad knowledge enables us to offer the most operation-efficient solution.

  • Outcome

    Sit back, enjoy the latest technology and know-how for your organization!

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Services & Products

We are Omani energy based consultancy focusing on providing the latest insights accross the energy sector. We are driven by innovation, mainly focusing on delivering exceptional services with the latest technology and know-how based on global best practice.



From the design to the implementation stage and operation support, Awtad energy Operations team ensures utility systems perform in the most optimized and efficient mode to meet business goals. Our specialized team brings years of proven experience in the following areas:


  • Design & Implementation of Electricity Distribution Network
  • Design & Implementation of Water Distribution Network
  • Survey of Electricity & Water Distribution Network
  • Design & Implementation of Solar PV system Network
  • Substation Management and Maintenance
  • System Loss Reduction study & Analysis



In a partnership with a globally recognized partner ENA.COM and it’s also a member of COGEN Czech and the Association of Energy Auditors, Czech Gas Union, Czech Gas Association our focuses on helping clients manage and improved their business efficiency by providing consultancy and expertise research and study on the following areas:


  • Energy audits - with large experiences in audits of large industrial companies, our partner is one of a few energy auditing companies that’s recognized as licensed energy auditors.
  • Strategic & Investment Consulting - Provide consultancy of efficiency of investment in the energy industry.
  • Marketing Studies - A detailed knowledge and experience with EU market liberalization and privatization which support us to provide consultancy and advice to the markets pursuing to liberalize the energy and water sectors.
  • New Energy Sources - Provide consultancy on “Green Energy” sources, small cogeneration units.
  • Energy Prices & Contract - With the development of market environment in energy industry and the frequent changes of fuel prices, we help our clients with continuous information and consultation on Energy Prices in order to meet the regulatory requirements, customers expectation as well the shareholders. We also have a long experience in organizing of tenders on supplies of all types of energy, evaluation and subsequent optimization of contractual relations.


Energy Smart Meters

Electricity Smart Meters

We supply several type of electronic electricity meters ranging from the simplest and the most cost-effective to sophisticated devices, having many internal registers, backed-up real-time serial communication. A wide range of design modifications supports DIN rail mounting as well as the standard three-point mounting. Use of new measurement principles and the newest technologies enable to highly exceed outdated mechanical static electricity meters in functionality, reliability as well as price.

AMM Smart Electricity Meters

We have partnered with ZPA to supply the most advances AMM Smart Electricity Meters that have a built-in disconnector or latching relay(s) for load control. Two-way communication uses different media. The preferred solution for utilities, PLC communication, can be complemented by GSM or radio communication. The essential feature of these meters is ability to automatically log on to a network with no setup needed. If the existing communication path gets interrupted, the AMM Smart Electricity Meters automatically find another, replacing the lost one. AMM Smart Electricity Meters offer utilities new opportunities of grid management and communication with the end customer.

Water Smart Meters

Our partnered is considered as one of the prominent producers of ultrasonic and induction flow meters and heat meters in water and steam. They are known as one of the worldwide companies that have managed the difficult technology for producing ultrasonic flow meters for liquids to the water industry, heat industry, power industry and various kinds of industries, for example the chemical and food industries.

LED Luminaires & Lamps

We significantly supply professional LED luminaires with high quality to help our customers to conserve energy and protect our common environment. Our technology includes the following products:

  • Hight bay
  • Street light
  • Flood light
  • Spot light
  • Low bay
  • Flat panels



We seek the best know-how globally in order to provide our clients the latest trends and innovations in the energy sector. Our partners are highly respected entities offering best services.

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